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  • há 6 dias
    @Chelsea_Fagan This is giving me flashbacks to seeing the scene in The Shape of Water where they shit on Baltimore…
  • há 6 dias
    Now Playing on The Sound Stream: The Shape I'm In by Widespread Panic from 2019/03/30 Durham, NC. Get the app at th…
  • há 6 dias
    Small hands, small crowds! Trump’s Pathetic Tampa Rally Turnout Is the Shape Of Things To Come and He’s Petrified…
  • há 6 dias
    Top Five Choices: The Shape of Water Mad Max: Fury Road On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Princess Mononoke Hellboy…
  • há 6 dias
    @Chebitz @Shofie_Maverwyn @tylivole The Shape would like to know your location.